Pan-seared Tofu w. ‘Butter’ Lime sauce


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1 pkg silken tofu
2 tbsps tempura mix
1 tbsp corn starch
2 tbsps all purpose flour
oil for the pan
salt and pepper
2 tbsp earth balance
grated lime peel (the shavings from one lime is enough)
salt and pepper


Pan seared tofu fillet in ‘butter’ lime sauce

Start by cutting the tofu into fillet-like pieces.

Thoroughly dry each piece in a paper towel.

In a separate bowl, mix the tempura mix, all-purpose flour and corn starch.

Coat each of the tofu pieces in this dry mixture, then fry on an oiled pan on medium heat, adding salt and pepper to taste to each side.

Once both sides are cooked to a golden brown finish, gently transfer them to a cooling rack and add the butter and lime peel to the warm pan to create a sauce.

When ready to serve, place the seared tofu fillet over a serving of the carrot salad, and top with the butter lime sauce.


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