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What is Community Food Security and why is it important to me and my family?


This question often comes up in food saver and food preparation groups among canners, folks who dehydrate, and avid gardeners.


USDA's Household Food Security Assessment Guide


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A recent group question:

Food preppers!   Ok so after taking months to find rice earlier this year I figured I will jump on the food storage band wagon and not starve to death one day maybe.


  • What are your favorite long term storage goods?
  • How did you prep it for storage? 
  • How long you thinking it will last?

In the FoodSaverFans group, Nicole Jacquar responds: "I think anyone who isn’t doing everything they can to store as much food as possible (canning, gardening, getting seeds, dehydrating) is in for a rude awakening.


People who think those that have a large quantity of stored items are hoarders aren’t really thinking because a single person typically has several family members who are not thinking ahead for the future and so by storing food they will be able to keep them going during severe shortages.


That time will come sooner than later. We can’t get mason jars .. canning supplies in most areas of North America not to mention things like isopropyl alcohol have shot up in price. .. the worst is coming."

Nicole Jacquard is spot on. If nothing else, California is one of the historically prolific Food producing regions in the entire world.

We have been in a continuous state of Wildfires since May 2020. It is now October 2020.


Food production is not occurring where the fires have made it impossible for workers to plant, attend to, or harvest crops because of smoke in the air making it so hazardous or fire on the ground making it impossible. That's for starters. 


Learn to store some food for your family, learn preservation methods for canning, dehydrating or freezing the produce from your garden and locally raised meats if you are not already raising your own.

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#COMMUNITYFOODSECURITY Follow the hashtag if you want to see why people are storing food and what developments with creating a stable food supply availability are happening with the USDA and other local farm to table groups.



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